Rules-Late Entry-Withdrawing:
Before entering the tournament the coach of his team should make sure that the players are available to play Friday 6pm-10pm; Saturday 8am-8pm; Sunday 8am-8pm. 

Please discuss with your players if they have any special events coming up.

Athlete eligibility will be their current school grade based on AAU age guide lines. A team must play in the division which corresponds with the highest grade of any player on the team. No exceptions unless you have written permission from the tournament director. A player is not allowed to play for two teams in the same grade division. A player MAY play in 2 separate grade divisions if they meet the requirements of both.

Playing Rules:
1.) The tournament will be conducted under national federation of high school rules, unless otherwise noted.

2.) Teams are NOT allowed to press over half court ANYTIME with a 20 point or more lead. Pressing for 4th grade girls and boys is only allowed the last two minutes of the second half.

3.) Length of Game—Boys and Girls grades 4-6, 12 minute halves, 7-8 grades 14 minutes halves,9-11 grades 14 minute halves.

4.) Game Ball—Girls 28.5, Boys Regulation PIAA size, unless boy coaches agree to a different size. If the coaches cannot agree the home team or higher seeded team will choose the ball size.

5.) Clock will stop on every whistle and stay stopped until the ball is back in play. If a team is ahead by 20 or more points IN THE SECOND HALF, the clock will continue to run except for timeouts or injury (inside 30 seconds clock will stop on foul shots).

5.a) If the team cuts it less than 20 points, the clock will go back to being stopped.

6. In the first half—NO 1&1 FREE THROWS.

6.a) Teams will shoot the double bonus with the 10th team foul, and all act of shooting fouls.

6.b.) IN THE SECOND HALF—teams WILL shoot 1&1 on the 7th, 8th, and 9th fouls. Double bonus on the 10th foul.

7.) Free throws are played after the ball is released.

8.) Game time is game time- you will only be given 5 minute grace period. Games can start early if both coaches and the tournament director agree.

9. ) Tournament director has the right to change the game site, game time, and tournaments rules at his discretion.

10. ) Game officials and tournament director have the right to remove any player, coach, scorekeeper, clock operator, or fan who displays improper behavior.

10.a) Anyone that refused to leave when asked result in their team forfeiting the game.

11. ) We DO NOT provide a trainer or medical supplies.

11.a) Any athlete suffering any head injury will be removed from the tournament play until cleared by a certified medical physician.

12. a) Team MAY start a game with LESS than 5 players.

13. ) OVERTIME—first overtime is two full minutes beginning with jump ball.

13.a) Second overtime period is one minute. (determined by possession arrow)

13.b) Third overtime is sudden death. (determined by possession arrow)

14.) Each team will have 3 (30 second) timeouts – PER GAME. One timeout for all overtime play. (No carry-over timeouts for OT)

15.) Each team must provide a scorekeeper

16.) The 1st team listed on the pool schedule and the higher seeded team in the bracket play is the home team and official score-book.

17.) Only the head coach will be permitted to stand.

18.) A player will be disqualified after 6 fouls or 2 technical fouls. All technical or flagrant fouls will be shot not cancelled.
Tie Breaking Procedure: 
1.) Head to head if the 2 teams are involved.
1a.) If those two teams did not play yet, a point differential would determine who's first.
1b.) If a tie still exists, the team with the least amount of defensive points determines the winner.
1c.) Coin flip decides.

2.) Points if 3 or more teams are involved. The maximum points a team can earn will be 13 points.
2a.)To determine the seeding when 3 or more teams have the same record after completion of pool play, we must use the plus minus formula. Most points determines who's first.
2b.) Two remaining teams determined by head to head
2c.) If those two teams did not play, the point differential would determine 2nd and 3rd.
2d.) If a tie remains, the least amount of defensive points allowed would determine 2nd place.
2e.) If a tie still exists, a coin flip will determine 2nd place.

3.) Forfeits are worth 13 points. Any team forfeiting a scheduled game may not be eligible for the championship

4.) Protests must be filed within 30 minutes after the game they’re protesting with the tournament director with $100 cash fee.
4a.) If upheld money returned. Coaches should have birth certificates or grade documentation to verify player’s ages or grade.
4b.) If protest is denied, money is donated to the sponsoring organization.


6.) The court referee/officials have final say in all player fouls and or misconduct. Once a personal, intentional or technical foul is issued any further player misconduct could lead to an ejection and continued physical altercations after the whistle can be viewed as fighting. If the first action is deemed excessively violent any parties involved may be suspended.

7.) Fighting will be defined as any deliberate action taken by an individual to cause physical harm to another player, spectator, coach or official.

8.) If a referee witnesses player(s) engaging in a fight, an immediate ejection can/will follow. An ejection carries a penalty of suspension for the players/parents/coaches involved for the remainder of the tournament. The suspended parties then cannot participate in any more games for the remainder of the weekend as a player, coach or spectator. With regards to the suspended individuals if a second instance of player misconduct follows anywhere inside an event facility, the tournament director has the authority to eject the whole team.
Download A Copy Of The 2020 Rules Here: 
Download A Copy Of 2020 Eligibility Here: 
Late Entry To Events:
1)We have limited amounts of courts and hours available at each event. 

Sometimes we may not be able to take your request for specific game times. 

Our scheduling is done to minimize the times between games on the same day when at all possible. 

Sometimes the gaps vary but we try to keep the games no more than 4 hours apart. If you request special scheduling it may cause your team to play back to back games.

2) You will play at least 2 days during the event or all 3 days with larger brackets. Smaller brackets (3-4teams) may play all games in one day. If you request to play all of your games in one day, your team would not be eligible for the championship bracket. 

3) Sometimes we may be able to get your team into the tournament late if we have available hours.
All teams wanting to enter after the deadline date must be approved by ASE office at 412-952-8021 at that time we will inform you of your exact status. 

All late approved teams must bring a certified check, money order, or cash to the ASE office before the schedule is released.
Withdraw From Events: 
Team entry withdrawal policy:

 A. A team withdrawing an entry on or before the deadline will receive full cash refund of the entry fee provided ASE office has been notified by PHONE (412-952-8021). 

 No e-mail or text cancellation will be accepted.

B. If a team withdraws after the deadline and they can find a team to replace them, the withdrawing team will be charged a $20 per game fee and the balance of the entry fee will be returned. If a fully paid entry is not secured to replace the withdrawing team, no amount of the entry fee will be refunded.

C. If any entry has been accepted without full payment of the entry fee, any amount due under this withdrawal policy must be paid prior to the acceptance of the team entry in any subsequent tournament.
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